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DE200 3D Printers

Faster, accurate, most reliable 3D printer.

Create small and detailed parts

With a FDM printer on your desk you can easily create small parts and specialized tools yourself. It is far less complex than other machines, which means that yo can produce more products in a efficient and simple way without the hish costs. The 3D printers in our desk series have fast printing speed, a high accurancy and a low weight, making it easy to put on your desktop or move around.

  • Automotive
  • Naval
  • Fondry
  • Medical Equipments
  • Railway
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • Prototype
  • Fast printing speed - 600 millimeter per second
  • When using a FDM printer, you will want see your finished object as soon as possible. At deltasys eforming we know this feeling all too well, which is why the travel speed of our industrial 3d printer goes up to 600 millimeter per second and the printing speed up to 200mm/s. this means that an object of 100 gram can be finished in less than hour. With this speed, your 3D designs will become reality in no time.
  • Incredible resolution - 0.01mm (10microns)
  • When designing exquisite models for FDM printing, you want them to be as detailed as possible so that you can truly see the expertise put in to it. With a resolution of 0.01 millimeter (10 microns) on the XY-axis and a resolution 0.05millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis, DELTASYS 3D printers can print even the finest details. When your objects do not require such detail, you can print at a lower resolution up to 1000micron.
  • Carbon steel Body (frame) Monolithic body
  • We believe the frame is the one of the core component that keeps the machine from losing accuracy over time, and through thousand of prints, the steel frame is able to withstand the constant movement of the various mechanisms at high speed.
  • Close chamber
  • Closed chamber helps to maintain uniform temperature at platform as well as inside chamber that improve print quality and ABS,PC like material easily get printed without fail.
  • Touch sensor platform leveling
  • Support third party filaments
  • Sublime exterior
  • Finished with powder coated exterior in combination with Plexiglas, our DE200 is as sleek and stunning as it is power full and effortless.
  • Aluminum bed (CNC Milled)
  • Reaching temperature up to 1000c, our fixed aluminum bed promotes a “SET &FORGET” mentality, requiring leveling only during installation.
  • Aluminum casted and Precision CNC machined parts.
  • All motion parts are CNC machined for high precision. And other parts are aluminum die casted. Due to above 3 reasons DE200 is vibration free, smooth running, reliable and Consistent and provides high quality prints which require minimal post processing.
  • Various filament supports
  • One machine many materials DE200 Support PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, HIPS, PVA, CARBON FIBER

Available in FOUR different sizes

  • 1. D-200mm ,Z-250 mm
  • 2. D-300mm ,Z-350
  • 3. D-400 , Z-600mm
  • 4. D-500 , Z-1000mm

Device Specification

Build Volume D-260mm, h-250mm
Material Container Spool
Material Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Support Mechanically removed-printed with same material as the model
Extruder Single (Upgraded for more demanding material)
Extruder cooling system Radial fan cooling the extruder block, one fans cooling the print
Hot End DE6
Material End Stop Mechanical
Platform CNC Machined Aluminum build plate
Connectivity USB(WIFI, ETHERNET)
Screen Toch Panel(Industrial Screen)
Camera Optional

Software Specification

Software Bundle Simplify 3D, 3DE, cura
Supported input file types .stl, .obj, .3mf
Supported Operating System Mac OSx / windows7

Printing Specification

Technology FDM / FFF
Layer Resolution 90 - 290Micron
Minimal Wall Thickness 400 Micron
Platform Leveling Automatic measurement of Platform points height

Temprature Specification

Maximun printing Temprature 295c
Maximun Platform Temprature 100c
Ambient Operation Temprature 20 - 30c
Storage Temprature 0 - 35c

Electrical Specification

AC Input 220Volt AC 50/60 Hz
Maximun Power consumption 300watt